“I was so grateful to have the Leaf + Root tea throughout my pregnancy.  I was advised by my Midwife to supplement with specific herbs as a preventative and restorative measure, and found this tea contained many of those herbs. I had a full term, very healthy baby girl at home, with no complications, not even a tear!  I continued to drink the tea in the weeks following to help restore my body and encourage milk production.  This pregnancy tea has a very refreshing taste and I felt that drinking it was a very simple and pure way to be proactive about me and my baby's health.” -- Josie Martinez, Mother from Utah “So nice to find a healthy indulgence! This tea satisfied my sweets cravings. Red raspberry helped with cramping during labor and the peppermint made this tea taste wonderful. I also drink it postpartum to help with recovery." -- Katie Trelstad, Mother of two
“In my practice as a midwife, I have observed some benefits of the “leaf and root” pregnancy tea. The most remarkable of which seems to be an increase in platelet and red blood cell count in those with below normal levels before they began drinking the tea.” 
 -- Charlene Campbell, LM, CPM, Midwife from Issaquah, WAhttp://www.birthjoymidwifery.comshapeimage_5_link_0