Interested in Buying Wholesale? 
 I’m sure you are aware of the countless benefits of high quality herbs used appropriately during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. Buying herbal products throughLeaf + Root  is a nice alternative to buying, mixing and packaging herbs yourself. We know how hard you work and really do want to lighten your load. Even if its your clients job to order the herbs...They will be more likely to buy and use the herbs if its from you. Not to mention more likely to receive the healing benefits, thus enriching your practice and making your job-- a whole lot easier.

Wholesale Prices 
Discount applies when purchasing 5 or more products (ask for code). 
Servings are approx.

Pregnancy Support Tea - 10 day supply (75g) - $7/bag
 30 day supply (225g) $19/bag
Custom Orders Available!

Herbal Sitz Bath (coming soon...)
 - A healing and soothing herbal blend for postpartum care.